District Support

The District Support Services Division is committed to supporting "Student Success!" We will rise above our highest expectation to provide quality services and products. Teamwork is our Motto. Working together we can make a difference.

We are comprised of several departments:

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Food & Nutrition Services Department

The Food and Nutrition Services Department "Champ's Café" Team is dedicated to serving well-balanced nutritious meals for all our students to refuel for learning. Serving approximately 4,850 breakfasts and 10,950 lunches daily, more than 2,844,000 meals are served annually making the Champ's Café Team the largest restaurant chain in Charlotte County. Staff safely prepare and serve healthy USDA meals to meet the nutritional needs of our students at our 20 Champ's Café sites.

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Terri Whitacre, Director
941-575-5400 Ext. 108
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The Purchasing Department provides our schools and ancillary departments with everything from computers and professional services to furnishing entire new schools. They are responsible for 124 quotes, bids and proposals annually and process 2,829 purchase orders annually. The Purchasing team assures Charlotte County Public Schools receives the best available products and prices. The Warehouse team travels approximately 40,000 miles annually delivering over 14,280 cases of supplies to our facilities and 64,700 cases of food supplies to our school cafeterias. The Property Records team is responsible for inventorying over $42,000,000 of equipment. They are also responsible for the disposal of surplus items through the district's surplus store, surplus sales bids and recycling; additionally, they have collected over $140,812 in surplus sales conducted in its Surplus Store, on-line auctions and recycling during the 2015-16 School Year. These funds go directly into our District's general fund to support education. On-line auctions are conducted on www.PublicSurplus.com.

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Greg Herlean, Director
941-575-5400 Ext. 123
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Maintenance & Operations

The Maintenance and Operations Department is comprised of several sub-departments and is responsible for maintaining our school facilities and equipment. The M&O team maintains approximately 3,206,974 square feet of educational facilities and 503 acres. The construction team has been tasked with remodeling, renovations and new construction. This extraordinary team has completed over $420,224,691 in projects since 2000. Printing services for the District are provided by the Print Shop which averages 12,000,000 impressions annually. The M&O team is also responsible for our energy management program. Our energy team, with the help of each and every staff and student in our district, has reduced our utility costs by $16,788,538 in the first ten years of the program. The District is an ENERGY STAR Partner and has been awarded twenty-seven ENERGY STAR plaques for energy efficiency by the Department of Environmental Protection (EPA). Seven schools and two ancillary buildings have been recognized by the United States Green Building Council (USGBC) for their Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED). Within the Maintenance and Operations Department is the Special Projects Technology Repair Department which provides services and repairs on a multitude of equipment such as but not limited to computers/hardware, audio visual equipment, Audio Enhancement systems, security cameras, Promethean boards, TV studios and much more throughout the district.

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Gene Spurr, Director
941-575-5400 Ext. 116
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The Transportation Department assures that all the eligible children entrusted to our district arrive safely and on time to school and home each and every day. While the number of buses varies daily, on average 86 buses travel more than 1,500,000 miles annually. On any given day, 6461 students are transported to and from school, making 1395 stops every morning and 1446 stops every afternoon. The Transportation team is also responsible for ensuring that our entire fleet of school buses, service vehicles and district passenger vehicles are inspected regularly, maintained and running smoothly.

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Richard Duckworth, Director
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Printing Services (Print Shop)

The Maintenance & Operations Printing services for the District are provided by the Print Shop which averages 12,000,000 impressions annually.

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Student Records

Charlotte County Public Schools
Records Management
1445 Education Way
Port Charlotte, FL 33948
941-255-0808 Ext. 3057
Fax: 941-255-7574

District Support Contact

Assistant Superintendent
Jerry Olivo
941-575-5400 Ext. 103
Executive Secretary
Laura McCarthy
941-575-5400 Ext. 103