The mission of the Purchasing Department is to procure quality equipment, supplies, and services in a cost-effective, professional, and ethical manner to support student success.

The Purchasing Departments primary role is to facilitate the purchasing process obtaining the necessary equipment, materials, and services our customers require to support their instructional or administrative programs. Our department strives to maximize district resources by obtaining competitive quotes or bids.

The warehouse division of our department receives and delivers products to all district sites. The property records division assigns property records numbers to all equipment valued at over $1,000.00. The school or department is the custodian of this property and it is inventoried yearly by a purchasing department staff member.

Awarded the Outstanding Agency Accreditation Achievement (OA4)

The OA4 recognizes agencies that lead the public procurement profession through the implementation of best practices. The program is founded on a self-evaluation process using the NIGP Agency Accreditation Criteria Form. Agencies meeting the minimum requirements are OA4-accredited for three years.

Purchasing Policies

The purchase of products and services by Charlotte County Public Schools shall be authorized by and in accordance with Florida Statutes, State Board of Education Rules.

Purchasing Thresholds (PDF)

Dollar Limit Purchasing Method Used
$2,500.00 - $7,499.99 Originator obtains 3 written quotes
$7,500.00 - $49,999.99 Must attempt to secure written quotes from at least 3 vendors
$50,000.00 and up Purchasing issues and manages a formal competitive solicitation
Purchases from CCPS Catalog Bid On this web site, less than $7,500 total purchase
Purchasing Instructions & Information

Customer Survey

To help us serve you better, please complete the appropriate Customer Service survey:


In order to register as a vendor, Upload/Download Bids or to receive Bid and Award Notifications please visit:
Public Purchase

Online Auction Sales, Surplus Items

Public Surplus

Property Records

Purchasing Department Members

Professional Services Selection Procedures

To access the Charlotte County Public School's guidelines for the selection and hiring of professional service firms pursuant to Florida statute 287.055, select the link below.

Terms & Conditions Pertaining to CCPS Purchasing

The terms and conditions below apply if specified on a CCPS purchase order or agreement:

  1. Purchase Order Terms & Conditions
  2. Jessica Lunsford Act
  3. Federal Flow Down Provisions
  4. Tax Exempt Form

Purchasing Department Members

941-575-5400 1016 Education Ave. Punta Gorda, FL 33950 Purchasing Department Contact, Cindy Hagedorn

Gregory Herlean
Purchasing Director


Debbie Faber
Purchasing Manager

941-575-5400 Ext. 120

Mike Pershing
Purchasing Specialist

941-575-5400 Ext. 118

Marisa Doherty

941-575-5400 Ext. 122

Cindy Hagedorn

941-575-5400 Ext. 121

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Warehouse Division

941-628-3425 1025 Carmalita St. Punta Gorda, FL 33950 Warehouse Contact, Chris Olsen

Chris Olsen
Warehouse Foreman

Jesus Matzicoff
Warehouse Team Lead

Bill Kortleven
Warehouse Worker

Tony Nye
Warehouse Worker

Daniel Sona
Warehouse Worker

Doug Swain
Courier (Temp)

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Property Records Division

941-575-5826 1025 Carmalita St. Punta Gorda, FL 33950 Property Records Contact, Mike Pershing

Jim Hohmann
Property Control Assistant

Debra King
Property Control Assistant

Archived RFPs, Bids & Quotes

To receive a bid or quote package, please contact Cindy Hagedorn by email.

Table Scrolls if Necessary.

No. Description Tabulation Other Documents
16/17-1512MD Security Hard Drives Tabulation Award Letter
16/17-86MP Adobe Creative Cloud for Teams; 1 year subscription Tabulation Award Letter
16/17-1510DF TruVision DVRs Tabulation Award Letter
16/17-1511TS Fluorescent Lamps Tabulation Award Letter
16/17-83MD Change-out Chillers & Add Ice Tanks Ranking Award Letter
16/17-85DF LBHS Aquaculture Lab Shelving Award Letter
15/16-1510MD Ergonomic Computer Accessories Tabulation Award Letter
13/14-1401KI(R3) Soap Products - WHSE Tabulation Renewal Letter
15/16-601KI(R1) Diversey Products Tabulation Renewal Letter
13/14-403KI(R3) Garbage Can Liners Tabulation Renewal
13/14-1403KI(R3) Cleaners, WHSE Tabulation Renewal Letter
15/16-1466KI(R1) Floor Pads - Warehouse Stock Tabulation Award Letter Renewal Letter
13/14-421KI(R2) Paper Products, Warehouse Stock Renewal Letter
15/16-1509TS Custodian Products, WHSE Tabulation Award Letter
13/14-95MD(R2) Online Credit Retrieval Ranking Award Letter Renewal Letter
13/14-1429KI(R2) Bottle Water - Champ's Café Tabulation Renewal Letter

Construction Manager/General Contractor at Risk, Projects under $2Million

  Notice of Renewal
15/16-1467MD(R1) Security Cameras Tabulation Award Letter Renewal Letter
16/17-84MP CPAC Sound System Upgrade, Phase 1 Ranking Award Letter
15/16-78MD Fire Alarm Upgrade Award Letter
11/12-45(R) Construction Plan Review and Inspection   Notice of Renewal
11/12-49(R2) Warewashing Chemicals Ranking Renewal Letter
13/14-85MD(R2) Preventative Painting Maintenance Renewal Letter
15/16-1465KI Lawn Maintenance Tabulation Award Letter
15/16-1467MD Security Cameras and Accessories Tabulation Award Letters
15/16-1469MD Textbooks/CD Roms: Agriculture Tabulation Award Letter
15/16-1470KI Insulated Foil Wrap - Champ's Café Tabulation Award Letter
15/16-1473MP Dell PowerEdge R530 Rack Server Tabulation Award Letter
15/16-1476MD Supply & Reclamation of Refrigerant Tabulation Award Letter
15/16-1480TS Supply and Installation of Sod Tabulation Award Letter
15/16-1482MD Microscopes Tabulation Award Letter
15/16-1483MD Hazardous Material Removal Tabulation Award Letter
15/16-1484DS Gumdrop Cases Tabulation Award Letter
15/16-1488DF HP Stream 11 Pro G2 Tabulation Award Letter
15/16-1491TS Radio Parts Tabulation Award Letter
15/16-1492DS Microscopes - LBHS Tabulation Award Letter
15/16-1493MD HP ProCurve Equipment Tabulation Award Letter
15/16-1494DF Components for Building Computers Tabulation Award Letter
15/16-1495TS Pipettes and Accessories Tabulation Award Letter
15/16-1495DF Light Fixtures for LPAC Tabulation Award Letter
15/16-1497TS CommVault Annual Maintenance Tabulation Award Letter
15/16-1498DF Exinda Annual Support Tabulation Award Letter
15/16-1499DF Four Station Work Bench Tabulation Award Letter
15/16-1500MP Computer & Electronics Recycling Tabulation Award Letter
15/16-1507DF Dimming System for SJES Tabulation Award Letter
15/16-1509TS Custodial Products Tabulation Award Letter
14/15-14KI(R1) Food Services - Culinary Arts Program - Charlotte Technical Center Ranking Renewal Letter
11/12-49(R2) Ware Washing Chemicals Tabulation Renewal Letter
13/14-66MP(R2) HVAC Water Treatment Products and Services Renewal Letter
13/14-67MD(R1) Telephone Support Systems Renewal Letter
15/16-301KI(R1) Diversity Products, Warehouse Stock Renewal Letter
13/14-403KI(R2) Garbage Can Liners Tabulation Renewal Letter
13/14-404SL(R2) Charter Bus Service Tabulation Renewal Letter
14/15-505MD(R1) Dell Venue Tablets Tabulation Renewal Letter
13/14-1401KI(R2) Soap Products - Warehouse Stock Tabulation Renewal Letter
13/14-1403KI(R2) Cleaners - Warehouse Stock Tabulation Renewal Letter
13/14-1412SL(R2) Motor Oil Tabulation Renewal Letter
13/14-1424KI(R1) Hood Fire Suppression Tabulation Renewal Letter
13/14-1425KI(R1) Custodial Products - Warehouse Stock Tabulation Renewal Letter
13/14-1429KI(R1) Bottled Water - Champs Cafe DW Tabulation Renewal Letter
14/15-1449KI(R1) Jon Wood Refinishing Renewal Letter
15/16-50DF LBH Marine Science Laboratory Ranking
15/16-52MP Computers & Services Ranking Award Letter
15/16-58DS Roof Repairs Ranking Award Letter
15/16-60MP Emergency Generator Inspections and Service Ranking Award Letter
15/16-61DF Roofing Inspection and Consultation with Warranty Advocacy Emphasis Ranking Award Letter
15/16-77MP LBHS Parking Lot Surveillance Camera System Ranking
15/16-78MD LA Ainger Fire Alarm Upgrade Ranking
15/16-79MP Sallie Jones BrightLink Interactive Projector Ranking
15/16-601KI Diversey Products Warehouse Stock Tabulation Award Letter
15/16-606DS Chillers and Ice Storage Tabulation Award Letter

Data Center Storage Refresh

14/15-11SL HVAC Renovations PGA   Ranking
14/15-14KI Food Services-Culinary Arts Program-Charlotte Technical Center   Ranking
14/15-13MP Professional Services Certified List   Qualified List
14/15-26SL Webhosting   Award Letter
14/15-27SL Wireless Access Points Ranking  
14/15-40SL Athletic Turf Maintenance   Award Letter
14/15-43MD Playground Surfacing at BAC   Award Letter
14/15-501SL Doors, Frames and Related Hardware Tabulation Award Letter
14/15-504SL CHC Parking Lot Modification Tabulation  
14/15-505MD Dell VenueTablets Tabulation  
14/15-50KI Single Stream Recycling Tabulation  
14/15-508SL HVAC PCHS Tabulation  
14/15-509MD Computer Memory Tabulation  
14/15-510SL Asphalt Paving and Re-Striping Tabulation  
14/15-511SL Playground Mulch Tabulation  
14/15-1432MP Parking Lot Sealing and Striping Tabulation  
14/15-1434MD Hazardous Material Removal Tabulation Award Letter
14/15-1436SL TV Pro Studio Equipment Tabulation  
14/15-1438SL Spot Coolers Tabulation  
14/15-1437MD CPAC Lighting Equipment Tabulation  
14/15-1439MD Califone Headphones Tabulation  
14/15-1440MD Gumdrop Cases - Venue Tabulation  
14/15-1442SL Microscopes Tabulation  
14/15-1444MD Microsoft Surface Pro Tabulation  
14/15-1447MD Exinda Annual Support Tabulation  
14/15-1448MP Dell Venue 8 Pro Tablets and Cases Tabulation  
14/15-1450MD Security Alarm System - Bld 12 & 13   Award Letter
14/15-1451KI Port Charlotte High Basketball Scoreboards Tabulation Award Letter
14/15-1454MP Amer Network Switches Tabulation Award Letter
14/15-1456KI Electronic LED Reader Board Sign Tabulation  
14/15-1457SL Lighting Control Console Tabulation  
14/15-1459MD HP ProCurve Equipment Tabulation Award Letter
09/10-737 Milk for Champs Cafe   Renewal Letter

Soap Products - Warehouse Stock

Tabulation Renewal Letter
13/14-1403KI(R1) Cleaners - Warehouse Stock Tabulation Renwal Letter
13/14-403KI(R1) Garbage Can Liners - Warehouse Stock Tabulation Renewal Letter
13/14-404SL(R1) Charter Bus Tabulation Renewal Letter
13/14-407SL(R1) Security Cameras Tabulation Renewal Letter
13/14-66MD(R1) HVAC Water Treament   Renewal Letter
13/14-75MD(R1) TRANE Centrifugal Chill Maintenance and Inspections   Renewal Letter
13/14-79MD(R1) Driver Education Program   Renewal Letter
11/12-913(R3) ABB ACH550 HVAC VFD Tabulation Renewal Letter
13/14-85MD(R1) Preventative Painting Maintenance   Renewal Letter
12/13-312SL(R2) Catalog Discount Tabulation
13/14-94MD(R1) Classroom Assessment Scoring System   Renewal Letter
13/14-421KI(R1) Paper Products Warehouse Stock, Items 1,3,4   Renewal Letter
13/14-421KI(R1) Paper Products Warehouse Stock, Item 2   Renewal Letter
13/14-424KI(R1) Juice for Champ's Cafe   Renewal Letter
11/12-47(R3) Integrated Pest Control   Renewal Letter
10/11-32(R3) HP Computers Extension Letter

Cooling Tower Change out - Deep Creek Elementary

13/14-65DF Lemon Bay High School Media Center Tabulation Short List
13/14-66MP HVAC Water Treatment   Notice of Award
13/14-67MD Telephone Support Systems   Ranking
13/14-68MP Professional Services List   Certified List
13/14-69MD Trane Centrifugal Chiller Annual Inspection and Maint   Award
13/14-72MD Grease Trap Cleanout Tabulation  
13/14-73MD SCCM Migration and Training   Ranking
13/14-74SL Public Depository for Short Term Deposits   Ranking
13/14-75MD Trane Centrifugal Chiller Maintenance, Service and Inspection   Ranking
13/14-79MD Driver Education Program   Ranking
13/14-84MD Head Start Self-Assessment/Strategic Planning/Systems Implementation   Ranking
13/14-85MD Preventative Painting Maintenance   Notice of Award
13/14-88SL-1 Roof Inspections & Consultations   Ranking
13/14-93SL Ball Field Maintenance   Ranking
13/14-94MD Classroom Assessment Scoring System   Ranking
Award Letter
13/14-95MD Online Credit Retrieval   Ranking
13/14-98SL Marquee Retrofit - SJE, CTC & MUM   Ranking
13/14-401KI Diversey Products - Warehouse Stock Tabulation  
13/14-402KI Paper Products - Warehouse Stock Tabulation  
13/14-403KI Garbage Can Liners - Warehouse Stock Tabulation  
13/14-404SL Charter Bus Service Tabulation  
13/14-406-1MD Microsoft Surface Pro Tablets Tabulation  
13/14-407SL Cameras Tabulation  
13/14-409KI UPS Equipment Tabulation  
13/14-410KI ProCurve Tabulation  
13/14-411KI Tripp-Lite Equipment Tabulation  
13/14-412KI Computer Memory Tabulation  
13/14-413MD Data Center Appliance Tabulation  
13/14-421KI Paper Products - Warehouse Stock Tabulation  
13/14-422KI Diversey Products (Active 7-1-14) Tabulation  
13/14-423KI Paper Towel Dispensers (Active 7-1-14) Tabulation  
13/14-424KI Juice - Champ's Cafe DW Tabulation  
13/14-425MP Computer Memory Tabulation Award Letter

Soap Products - Warehouse Stock

Tabulation Award Letter
13/14-1402KI Floor Pads - Warehouse Stock Tabulation Award Letter
13/14-1403KI Cleaners - Warehouse Stock Tabulation Award Letter
13/14-1404KI Custodial Products Pads - Warehouse Stock Tabulation  
13/14-1409MD Wage Comparability Study and Community Assessment Tabulation  
13/14-1411SL Headphones and Splitters Tabulation  
13/14-1415SL Musical Instrument Repair Tabulation  
13/14-1417SL Playground Equipment Tabulation  
13/14-1418MD Descaler M&O Tabulation  
13/14-1421SL Motorola CP200 radio parts and repair Tabulation  
13/14-1419SL Gumdrop Cases Tabulation  
13/14-1422SL Lift Station Maintenance Tabulation  
13/14-1424KI Hood Fire Suppression Tabulation  
13/14-1425KI Custodial Products - WHSE Stock Tabulation  
13/14-1426KI Floor Pads - WHSE Stock Tabulation  
13/14-1429KI Bottled Water - Champ's Cafe Tabulation  
13/14-1431SL Rooftop Air Conditioner - PCMS Tabulation  
08/09-601(R5) Recapped Tires for Transportation   Notice of Renewal
08/09-627(1314R) Bottled Water   Notice of Renewal
09/10-730(1314R) Juice for Champ's Cafe   Notice of Renewal
09/10-737(R4) Milk for Champ's Cafe   Notice of Renewal
10/11-811(R2) Athletic Turf Maintenance   Notice of Renewal
10/11-32(R3) HP Computers and Services   Notice of Renewal
10/11-33(R2) Furniture   Notice of Renewal
11/12-47(R2) Integrated Pest Control   Notice of Renewal
11/12-913(R2) ABB ACH550   Notice of Renewal
12/13-312SL(R1) Catalog Discount Tabulation Notice of Renewal
12/13-314-1KI(R1) Lawn Maintenance   Notice of Renewal
10/11-8072(1213R) Emergency Generator Service Tabulation  
08/09-627(1213R) Bottled Waters   Notice of Renewal
09/10-730(1213R) Juice for Champ's Cafe   Notice of Renewal
09/10-737(1213R) Milk for Champ's Cafe   Notice of Renewal
Award Letter
09/10-736 (1213R) Bread for Champ's Cafe   Notice of Renewal
Award Letter
08/09-626(1213R) Charter Bus Service Tabulation Notice of Renewal
09/10-7069(1213R) Semi Annual Inspection for Hood Fire Suppression Systems   Notice of Renewal
09/10-724(1213R) Preventative Painting Maintenance   Notice of Renewal
10/11-8069(1213R) Wood Gym Floor Screen & Coat Tabulation Notice of Renewal
10/11-33(1213R) Furniture for Meadow Park Elementary and Lemon Bay High Tabulation Recommendation
10/11-811(1213R) Athletic Turf Maintenance   Notice of Renewal
11/12-39(1213R) Professional Services Certified List  

Certified List

11/12-47(1213R) Integrated Pest Control   Notice of Renewal
11/12-49(1213R) Warewashing Chemicals   Notice of Renewal
12/13-52KI Punta Gorda Transportation Surveillance System   Ranking
12/13-53KC East Elementary Surveillance Expansion   Ranking
12/13-58SL Surveillance System Expansion, Punta Gorda Center


Award Letter
12/13-59SL Air Handling Unit Installations Charlotte Harbor Center   Ranking
12/13-301KS Air Handling Unit Replacement Charlotte Harbor Center Tabulation  
12/13-302KI Playground Equipment - MRE Tabulation Award Letter
12/13-305KI Custodial Products Tabulation  
12/13-306-2DF Ergotron Carts Tabulation  
12/13-307KC Promethean Boards, Furnish and Install Tabulation  
12/13-309SL Musical Intruments Tabulation Award
12/13-312SL Catalog Discount Tabulation  
12/13-313KS Kitchen Hoods Tabulation Award letter
12/13-314-1KI Lawn Maintenance Tabulation Award Letter
12/13-315MP Re-Roofing & Roof Coating Project - East Elem Bld 12 and PGC/Clinic Tabulation Award Letter
12/13-316SL Asphalt Resurfacing and Seal Coat Tabulation Award Letter
12/13-1301KI Ergotron Teachwell Tablet Management Cart Tabulation  
12/13-1302DF Kingsway Elementary Repeater and Installation Tabulation  
12/13-1303KS Motor Oil & Transmission Fluid Tabulation  
12/13-1305DF Laminating Film Tabulation  
12/13-1306KI Custodial Products - Warehouse Stock Tabulation Award Letter
12/13-1307KI Floor Pads - Warehouse Stock Tabulation Award Letter
12/13-1308KI Cleaners - Warehouse Stock Tabulation Award Letter
12/13-1309KC Surplus Textbooks Tabulation  
12/13-1310KC Websense Email Security Software Renewal Tabulation  
12/13-1311KC Playground mulch Tabulation  
12/13-1319KC Air Handler Units Tabulation  
RFP 11/12-37
Aruba Controller System Tabulation Award Letter
RFP 11/12-38 Food Serving Line: Furnish, Ship, Uncrate, Inside Deliver, Warranty, Parts Tabulation Award letter
11/12-9012 Manure Spreader Tabulation  
11/12-9013 Wall Padding for Port Charlotte Middle Tabulation  
11/12-9017 Vineland Elementary Basketball Courts Tabulation  
11/12-9024 Capitol Outlay, Maintenance Dept Tabulation  
11/12-9026 Custodial Supplies - Warehouse Stock Tabulation  
04/05-02(11/12R) Interior Exterior Pest Control Service Tabulation Award Letter
05/06-304 (11/12R) Grease Trap Cleaning and Pumping   Notice of Renewal
05/06-331 (11/12R) ABB ACH550 HVAC Variable Frequency Drives Tabulation Notice of Renewal
06/07-412 (11/12R) Lawn Mowing Tabulation Notice of Renewal
07/08-527 (11/12R) Swimming Pool Maintenance Tabulation Award Letter
08/09-626 (11/12R) Charter Bus Service Tabulation Notice of Renewal
08/09-627(11/12R) Bottled Water Tabulation Award Letter
09/10-722(1011R) Doors & Hardware Tabulation Notice of Renewal
09/10-724(1011R) Preventative Maintenance Painting Tabulation Notice of Renewal
09/10-727 (11/12R) Warewashing Chemical Tabulation Notice of Renewal
09/10-730 Juice for Champs Cafe Tabulation Notice of Renewal
09/10-736 Bread for Champs Cafe Tabulation Notice of Renewal
09/10-737 Milk for Champs Cafe Tabulation Notice of Renewal
ITN 10/11-32 HP Computers and Services Tabulation  
ITN 10/11-33 Furniture for Meadow Park Elementary and Lemon Bay High
(posted 3/23/11 8:42 a.m.)
Tabulation Award Letters
RFP 10/11-36 Independent Auditing Services Tabulation  
10/11-814 Joint Sealant Replacement at Sallie Jones Elementary Tabulation Award Letter
10/11-809 Ergotron Carts Tabulation  
10/11-810BS Violins Tabulation Award Letters
10/11-811 Athletic Turf Maintenance Charlotte High, Lemon Bay High, Port Charlotte High
(posted 4/11/11 1:05 p.m.)
Tabulation Award Letter
10/11-812 HP Procurve Tabulation  
10/11-813 Jon Wood Gym Floor Refinishing Materials Tabulation Award Letter
10/11-815 Scrap Aluminum & Metals Tabulation  
10/11-815GQ HVAC System Replacement Project for Myakka River Elementary
(posted 3/30/11 1:40 p.m.)
Tabulation Award Letter
10/11-816 Air Handlers for Murdock Middle Tabulation Award Letter
10/11-817 LBHS Fitness Center Equipment
(posted 6/15/11 9:15 a.m.)


10/11-818 Scorers Tables and Chairs Tabulation Award Letters
10/11-819 Blue Coat
(posted 3/25/11 9:17 a.m.)
Tabulation Award Letter
10/11-820 Asphalt Paving, Paving Repairs, Seal Coating and Re-Striping
(posted 4/19/11 11:02 a.m.)
Tabulation Award Letter
10/11-822 HVAC Control System Replacement Project for Vineland Elementary School Tabulation  
10/11-823 Emergency Generator - MCO   Notice to Bidders
11/12-902 Baseball Scoreboard for Port Charlotte High Tabulation  
RFQ 11/12-39 Professional Service Certified List
(posted 10/11/11 @ 8:31 a.m.)
  Certified List
RFQ 11/12-40 Master Planning, Middle Schools
(posted 10/31/11 @ 11:55 a.m.)
Tabulation Ranking Order
RFP 11/12-47 Integrated Pest Management Tabulation  
RFP 11/12-49 Warewashing Chemicals Tabulation Award Letter

RFP 11/12-51

Print Management Services   Ranking
Award Letter
11/12-901 Paper Products - Warehouse Stock Tabulation Award Letters
11/12-906 Sophos Endpoint Security and Control Software Tabulation Award Letter
11/12-909 Driver Education Program
(posted 10/24/11 @ 8:54 a.m.)
Tabulation Award Letter
ITB 11/12-912 Promethean Furnish and Install
(posted 11/10/11 @ 9:07 a.m.)
Tabulation Award Letter
11/12-913 ABB ACH550 HVAC VFD
(posted 12/20/11 @ 9:17 a.m.)
Tabulation Award Letter
11/12-915 Grease Trap Pump Out and Cleaning Tabulation Award Letters
11/12-916 Musical Instruments for Middle and High Schools Tabulation Award Letter
11/12-919 Computer and Electronic Recycling Tabulation Award Letter
11/12-921 Fire Alarm Upgrade at Liberty and Vineland Elementary Schools   Notice
11/12-924 Murdock Transportation CCTV System Tabulation  
11/12-925 Lawn Mowing Tabulation Award Letters
11/12-926 Roofing Refurbishment & Coating Project - West County Transportation
(posted 4/30/12 @ 1:20 p.m.)
Tabulation Award Letter
11/12-927 Asphalt Resurfacing and Seal Coating Tabulation Award Letter
11/12-929 Fuel Dispenser Replacement Tabulation  
11/12-930 Wheel Alignment Equipment Tabulation Award Letter
11/12-903 Diversey Products - Warehouse Stock Tabulation Award Letter
11/12-904 GOJO - Warehouse Stock Tabulation  
11/12-905 Emergency Generator Murdock District Office
(posted 7/22/11 1:58 p.m.)
Tabulation Award Letter
11/12-907 HVAC Control System Replacement Project for Port Charlotte High, Building C
(posted 10/18/11 @ 8:32 a.m.)
Tabulation Award Letter
11/12-910 Aruba Wireless Access Points
(posted 10/28/11 @ 8:29 a.m.)
Tabulation Award Letter
11/12-911 Cooling Tower Replacement Myakka River Elementary
(posted 11/14/11 @ 8:35 a.m.)
Tabulation Award Letter
11/12-914 HVAC Control System Replacement Project - Liberty Elementary School Tabulation Award Letter
11/12-9001 Custodial Supplies - WHSE Stock Tabulation  
11/12-9002 Floor Pad Tabulation  
11/12-9003 Varley Products Tabulation  
11/12-9005 Smallwares, Food Service Tabulation  
11/12-9007 Custodial Supplies - Warehouse Stock Tabulation  
11/12-9008 Can Liners - Warehouse Stock Tabulation  
11/12-9009 Supplies - Warehouse Stock Tabulation  
11/12-9010 Flexol Can Liners Tabulation  
11/12-9011 Outdoor Benches & Trash Receptacles for Meadow Park Elementary Tabulation  
11/12-9014 Musical Instrument Repair Tabulation  
11/12-9015 Motorola CP200 Radio Parts and Repair Tabulation  
11/12-9020 Diplomas, Covers & Accessories Tabulation  
11/12-9021 Cafe Equipment Tabulation  
11/12-9022 HP ProCurve Module Tabulation  
11/12-9025 CHS Free Standing Greenhouse Tabulation  
11/12-9030 CPAC Stage Equipment Repair and Modification
(posted 5/17/12 @ 8:44 a.m.)
11/12-9033 Indoor Basketball Backboard Support Systems Maintenance Program
(posted 5/4/12 @ 9:56 a.m.)
11/12-9034 Computer Components - CTC Tabulation  
08/09-601(1112R) Recapped Tires for Transportation   Notice of Renewal
09/10-722(1112R) Doors & Hardware   Notice of Renewal
09/10-724(1112R) Preventative Painting Maintenance - DW   Notice of Renewal

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Pending RFP, Bids & Quotes

It is the responsibility of the vendor to return to this site to check for Addendum daily during the time a bid that they are participating in is open. The Purchasing Department will only forward addendum to vendors after they have signed in, in the case of a mandatory pre bid meeting.

Pre-Bid Meetings are held at the location noted in the Bid documents.

Active Solicitations

Awarded Solicitations

No. Description Tabulation Other Documents
17/18-27GH Deep Creek Elementary Casework Replacement Ranking Award Letter
17/18-1560MP Robinair 34988NI A/C Recovery Machine Tabulation Award Letter
17/18-22MD Classroom Assessment Scoring System Ranking Award Letter
17/18-1559MP Adobe Creative Cloud for Teams Subscription License, 1 year Tabulations Award Letter
17/18-608DF Warehouse Stock Tabulations Award Letters
17/18-25DF Information Technology Services Ranking Award Letter
13/14-95MD(R3) Online Credit Retrieval Award Letter
17/18-609MP IT Equipment Maintenance/Service Agreement Tabulation Award Letter
17/18-1555MD Security Cameras and Accessories Tabulation Award Letter
16/17-09MP Building Code Administrator Ranking
17/18-1542DK Bottled Water-Champ's Café District Wide Tabulation Award Letter
16/17-10DK Warewashing Chemicals Ranking Award Letter
16/17-02DK Integrated Pest Management Tabulation Award Letter
11/12-913(R5) ABB ACH550 HVAC VFD Tabulation Renewal Letter
16/17-98MP IDF Switches Ranking
16/17-01MP Independent Auditing Services Ranking Award Letter
16/17-06MD School Bus Wrap Ranking Award Letter
14/15-1435KI(R1) Shredding District Wide Award Letter Renewal Letter
16/17-03MD School Bus Modifications for Serving Food Ranking
Award Letter
16/17-04DK Preventative Painting MNT Ranking
Award Letter
16/17-1536MD Medical Dispensing Unit Tabulation
Award Letter
16/17-1537MD Training Unit - Electric Heating Control Tabulation
Award Letter
16/17-1554MP Projector Lamps Tabulation
Award Letter
14/15-18MP CHS Running Track Resurfacing Ranking
Award Letter
16/17-1519DF Florescent Bulbs & Trigger Sprayers Tabulation Award Letter
16/17-1514DF CPAC Sound Equipment Tabulation Award Letter
14/15-506KI(R2) Swimming Pool Maintenance Tabulation Award Letter Renewal Letter
16/17-92MP Emergency Generator Inspection and Services Ranking Award Letter
16/17-90MP Emerge Access Ranking Award Letter
14/15-36MP District Radios & System Ranking
16/17-1535DK Maico Audiometer Tabulation Award Letter
16/17-1524MD Motorized Window Treatments Tabulation Award Letter
16/17-1515MD Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Tools Tabulation Award Letter
15/16-70DS(R1) Lift Station Maintenance Ranking Award Letter Renewal Letter
16/17-96MP PCHS Pool & Deck Renovations Ranking Award Letter
13/14-1432MD Bus Transponders   Memo to Record
16/17-1531MD Musical Instruments Tabulation Award Letter
13/14-1406SL(R1) Water Plant Monitoring Tabulation Award Letter
Renewal Letter
15/16-76MP Fuel Management System Ranking Award Letter
15/16-81MD(R1) Roof Repairs, District Wide Ranking Award Letter
Renewal Letter
16/17-82MP Solar Service and Repair Ranking Award Letter
16/17-88TS CTC Fencing Notice of Intended Award
16/17-89DF Sound Equipment for CPAC Ranking Award Letter
14/15-501SL(R2) Doors, Frames and Hardware Tabulation Renewal
16/17-607TS(R1) Bakery Items Ranking Award Letter
Renewal Letter
16/17-1516MD Children's Furniture and Supplies Tabulation Award Letter
16/17-1520MP GBC Pinnacle 27" Roll Laminator and Laminating Film Tabulation Award Letter
16/17-1522MP Califone Headphones Tabulation Award Letter
16/17-1523DK Vision Screener Tabulation Award Letter
16/17-1526MD AHERA 3-Year Re-Inspection Tabulation Award Letter
16/17-1527MD Landscape Equipment & Parts Tabulation Award Letter
16/17-1528MD TPR Turbomatic Renewal Tabulation Award Letter
16/17-1529DK Portable Radio Repair Parts Tabulation Award Letter
16/17-1530DK Pool Cover - CHC Tabulation Award Letter
14/15-14KI(R2) CTC Culinary Arts for Food Service Renewal Letter
11/12-51(R4) Print Management Ranking Renewal Letter
15/16-52MP(R1) Computers & Services Renewal Letter
15/16-61DF(R1) Roof Inspection Renewal Letter
13/14-66MP(R4) HVAC Water Treatment Products and Services Award Letter Renewal Letter
13/14-67MD(R2) Telephone System Support Renewal Letter Award Letter
13/14-72MD(R1) Grease Trap Cleanout Ranking
13/14-88-1SL(R3) Roof Inspections and Consultation Ranking Award Letter
Renewal Letter
13/14-1424KI(R3) Hood Fire Suppression Tabulation Award Letter Renewal Letter
14/15-1449KI(R1) Jon-wood Gym Floor Refinish Tabulation Renewal Letter
15/16-1465KI(R2) Lawn Maintenance Tabulation Award Letter
Renewal Letter
15/16-1470KI(R2) Insulated Foil Wraps - Champ's Café Tabulation Renewal Letter
15/16-1474KI(R1) Defibrillator Replacement Parts Renewal Letter
15/16-1476MD(R2) Supply & Reclamation of Refrigerant Tabulation Renewal Letter Award Letter
15/16-1484DS(R1) Gumdrop Cases Tabulation Renewal Letter
15/16-1488DF(R1) HP Stream 11 Pro G3 Tabulation Award Letter
15/16-1497TS(R1) Comm Vault Annual Tabulation Renewal Letter
15/16-1498DF(R1) Exinda Annual Support Tabulation Renewal Letter
15/16-1468DS(R2) Carpentry Services Tabulation Award Letter Renewal Letter
15/16-1475MP AmerNetworks Mini Switches Tabulation Award Letter
15/16-1489DF(R1) PowerLite 1222 Wireless XGA 3LCD Projector Tabulation Award Letter Renewal Letter
15/16-1501TS Flag Sets Tabulation Award Letter
15/16-1503MD Commercial Fryer Repair Tabulation Award Letter
15/16-1504MD(R1) Commercial Appliance Repair & Service Tabulation Award Letter Renewal Letter
14/15-26SL(R2) Webhosting Award Letter
Renewal Letter
14/15-40SL(R2) Athletic Turf Maintenance Award Letter
Renewal Letter
11/12-47(R4) Integrated Pest Control Renewal Letter
13/14-79MD(R2) Driver Education Renewal Letter
13/14-94MD(R2) Classroom Assessment Scoring System Renewal Letter
13/14-424KI(R2) Juice for Champ's Café Renewal Letter
Extension Letter
14/15-507KI(R2) Single Stream Recycling Tabulation Award Letter
Renewal Letter
14/15-511SL(R2) Playground Mulch Tabulation Award Letter Renewal Letter
13/14-1415SL(R3) Musical Instrument Repair Tabulation Award Letters Renewal Letters
05/06-3121(R11) Fire Alarm Monitoring Renewal Letter
10/11-8069(R5) Wood Gym Floor Screen & Coat Tabulation Renewal Letter
15/16-63MP Lit Fiber, WAN Links Ranking
15/16-73MP Firewall, Palo Alto Ranking Award Letter
15/16-74DS Network Switches, Installation and Programming Ranking Award Letter
15/16-602MP(R1) Catalog Discount Renewal Letter
15/16-603DF(R1) Classroom and Office Furniture Tabulation Award Letter
15/16-604DS(R1) Charter Bus Service Tabulation Award Letter
Renewal Letter
15/16-605MP APC Smart UPS Tabulation Award Letter

Single/Sole Source Claims

No. Date of Recognition Letter Expiration Date Vendor Product Sole Source (Y/N) Alternate Vendor(s)
17/18-B 7/11/2017 7/10/2018 Committee for Children Second Step, Bullying Prevention Unit, Child Protection Unit, Mind Yeti Y None
17/18-L 9/11/2017 9/10/2018 Florida Restaurant & Lodging Association ServSafe Materials Y None
17/18-K 9/12/2017 9/11/2018 FranklinCovey FranklinCovey Products Y None
17/18-J 9/12/2017 9/11/2018 IXL Learning IXL Learning Products Y None
17/18-I 9/5/2017 9/4/2018 LearnKey, Inc. LearnKey Interactive Software Training Y None
17/18-G 8/22/2017 8/21/2018 Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Multiple Assessments Y None
17/18-E 8/4/2017 8/3/2018 N2Y News 2 You Current Events Newspaper Y None
17/18-F 8/4/2017 8/3/2018 Explore Learning Explore Learning Reflex Y None
17/18-D 7/31/2017 7/30/2018 NCS Pearson Clinical Assessments Y None
17/18-C 7/27/2017 7/26/2018 Cummins Power South Cummins diesel engine parts Y None
17/18-A 7/1/2017 6/30/2018 Thinking Maps, Inc. Thinking Maps Publications & Materials Y None
16/17-DD 5/25/2017 5/24/2018 Discovery Education Inc. Discovery Education Streaming Y None
16/17-CC 5/22/2017 5/21/2018 Bright Solutions for Dyslexia Barton Reading and Spelling System Y None
16/17-BB 5/9/2017 5/8/2018 Studies Weekly Florida Studies Weekly Publications and Supplemental Publications Y None
16/17-Z 5/3/2017 5/2/2018 LiveSchool Inc. LiveSchool school-wide behavior management and reporting platform Y None
16/17-Y 4/25/2017 4/24/2018 Daktronics Digits Scoreboard Y None
16/17-W 4/5/2017 4/4/2018 i-SAFE Subscription for document delivery platform Y None
16/17-X 4/5/2017 4/4/2018 Gaumard Scientific Co. HAL Adult Multipurpose Airway & CPR Trainer Y None
16/17-U 3/7/2017 3/6/2018 Commercial Air Management ABB ACH550 Y None
16/17-H 10/4/2016 10/3/2017 ProQuest CultureGrams Y None
16/17-I 10/7/2016 10/06/2017 Alerton Products and Services Electronic System Services, Inc. Y None
16/17-J 11/16/2016 11/15/2017 Renaissance Learning, Inc. Renaissance Learning Products Y None
16/17-K 10/25/2016 10/24/2017 Community Play Things Outlast Play Center Y None
16/17-L 10/19/2016 10/18/2017 Teaching Strategies Teaching Strategies - The Creative Curriculum Y None
16/17-M 11/4/2016 11/3/2017 Stanley Convergent Security Solutions Sonitrol Equipment Y None
16/17-O 12/13/2016 12/12/2017 Certiport Universal License Program Y None
16/17-P 01/13/2017 01/12/2018 Panorma Education Survey Generation and Analytics Platform Y None
16/17-Q 01/20/2017 01/19/2018 Peace River Distributing Sparkling Ice Products & Services Y None
16/17-R 02/17/2017 02/16/2018 PASCO Scientific Various Y None
16/17-S 02/22/2017 02/21/2018 DynEd International Inc. DynEd Internation Inc. Training & Software Y None
16/17-T 02/24/2017 02/23/2018 Scholastic Education Scholastic Leveled Bookroom, 3rd Edition Grades K-3 Y None
16/17-V 03/16/2017 03/15/2018 Scholastic Education Certica Solutions, Inc Y None

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