School Support

We believe students need comprehensive and integrated services that are prompt and convenient for student/family access. We know that effective service programs are coordinated and implemented by appropriately trained and credentialed professionals.

The Division of School Support provides services to students, parents, and school staffs which help all students learn and grow in a safe, healthy, and caring environment. As advocates for students and families, we maintain an awareness and respect the unique needs, differences, and contributions of diverse populations.

Research studies emphasize the importance of effective support services relative to academic and career success. Students who receive social-emotional support and prevention services achieve better in school Students who are emotionally, physically, and socially healthy are better learners and will be primed to compete for good jobs in a global labor market. Expanded school mental health services in schools have been found to reduce special education referrals; improve aspects of the school climate and produce declines in disciplinary referrals, suspensions, grade retention, and special education referrals and placement among at-risk students.

Security & Emergency Management

We are committed to providing a safe and orderly learning environment for all our students and staff. In conjunction with the Charlotte County Sheriff's Office and the City of Punta Gorda Police Department, school resource officers are assigned to all of our schools. Other measures we use to increase safety and security for our students include school security officers, enforcement of the Code of Student Conduct, early identification of violent and aggressive students, and the establishment of conflict resolution programs. In designing new schools and in school facility renovations, great consideration is given to positively influence behavior and to discourage any potential criminal behavior. Security in our older schools has also been improved in recent years with the addition of ornamental fencing that tastefully creates an inter perimeter to stop intruders and improve visitor control.

Student CrimeStoppers, a program that has been in our school system for many years continues to be an effective way for students to report crime anonymously and take an active role in school safety.

Another way we create and maintain safety and security throughout the District is by taking an all-hazard approach to crisis planning. School crisis teams are organized with redundancy (or back-up) in mind. Both personnel and data systems have back-ups as well as staging areas for student evacuations. Flexibility has been stressed during practice drills and tabletop exercises. Tabletop exercises have included scenarios ranging from hazardous material events off-campus to fires and acts of violence on campus.

While Charlotte County Public Schools continue to provide education and training to our students and staff to make our schools a safer place, we need our community's help. Each of us can do something to help solve the problems that face our schools. On your own, with a group, or with your child, find something to make our schools safer places to learn.

For more information about safety and security in Charlotte County Public Schools, please contact

Dave Lupinetti
District Security & Emergency Management Supervisor
941-255-0808 Ext. 3022


Charlotte County Emergency Management
Charlotte County Sheriff's Office
Juvenile Operations
City of Punta Gorda Police Department
Crimestoppers Tipline
1-800-780-TIPS (8477)
Drug Free Charlotte County
941-255-0808 Ext. 3205
FDLE Sexual Predators/Offenders
1-888-FL-PREDATOR (1-888-357-7332)
Florida Department of Education
Florida Department of Law Enforcement

School Support Services and Contacts

Executive Director of School Support Services

Dr. Michael Desjardins
941-255-0808 Ext. 3047

Learning Through Technology & Media

Chris Bress, Executive Director
941-255-0808 Ext. 3144

Information and Communication Systems

Darrell Milstead, Director
941-255-0808 Ext. 3091

School Health & Nursing Services

Jennifer Cox-McKimmey R.N., Supervisor

Security and Emergency Management

Dave Lupinetti, Supervisor
941-255-0808 Ext. 3022

Student Services(Discipline)

Dr. Michael Desjardins, Executive Director
941-255-0808 Ext. 3047

Psychological and 504 Services

Steve Jones, Coordinator
941-255-0808 Ext. 3062