Student Support Services

During the course of a child's life, there are times when individual attention and care are necessary for a student. Below you will find a list of services offered within our district for those times when students need direction or have extraordinary circumstances.

Alternative Education

For more information contact:
Chantal Phillips
Director of Intervention and DOP Services

Teen Parent

Pregnant & Parenting Teens


Healthy Outcomes in Pregnancy & Education

This program offers Comprehensive academic curriculum alternatives, childcare, parenting education, health & social services and enabling techniques through counseling to insure a secure future for student and child.

Located at: The Academy

Substance Abuse

Possession of Alcohol/Drugs, Paraphernalia


Student Outreach Services

Provides targeted at-risk students with individual and/or group substance abuse counseling, drug testing, and related services with Charlotte Behavioral Health Care therapists. These services are provided at every middle and high school.


Infractions of the Code of Student Conduct including recommendations for Expulsion or Multiple Suspensions.


Suspension/Expulsion Alternative

Grades: 6-12

Provides a highly structured environment that assists students with chronic and severe behavioral problems. It offers academics, behavior modification and social skills training.

Located at: The Academy

Afternoon Alternative Program

Grades: 6-12

Offers a highly structured temporary educational placement for students who commit felony offenses. This program operates from 2:30-5:30 PM.

Located at: The Academy

Services include core academic coursework and behavioral modification.

Out of School Suspension Alternative

Grades: 6-12

School Social Workers provide educational seminars for students on rules, choices, and consequences. This program is offered at every secondary school.

Positive Choices

Grades: 3-5

School Social Workers provide an educational seminar for students on making positive choices. Offered at every elementary school.

Educational Services

Potential or retrieved dropouts and students who are overage for grade and failing.


Student Assistance Teams

Professional teams review at-risk student needs, share pertinent information, and develop intervention strategies.

The Academy at CTC

An alternative high school, providing a unique learning atmosphere for student success. The Academy also offers the Career Quest Program, which combines flexible schedules, internships, on-the-job training and a computer-based curriculum at the Town Center Mall.

Project PASS
Pathways to Achieve Student Success

A one year intensive academic program to assist middle school students to get caught up and transition to high school.

Students Needing A Pathway for Success

Grades: 9-12

Potential dropouts and students who have dropped out can attend this program.

Located at: The Academy

Monday-Thursday from 2:45-5:45.

Students will work on core subject areas for intensive remediation.

Guidance Services

Guidance Services are available to all K-12 students in Charlotte County. The basic intent is to direct activities and services toward developing self-awareness, interpersonal skills, educational awareness, and career exploration for all students. Services include large and small group presentations, academic and career planning, and short term individual counseling between the administration, staff, students, parents, and community. While establishing closer communication between the school and home, the guidance counselor assists the faculty and parents with their understanding of the individuals growth and development as it relates to school, career choice and society.

Psychological Services

The school psychologist is a specialist trained in educational psychology, evaluation methods, child development, intervention strategies and counseling.

School psychologists work with students, parents, school and community personnel to provide services that will enable students to derive the best possible educational experience by promoting a sense of well being and positive mental health.

For additional information regarding services provided by our school psychologists, contact:

Steven Jones
Coordinator of Psychological Services
941-255-0808 Ext. 3062

Services provided by school psychologists include:

  • conducting psychoeducational evaluations for the purpose of identifying learning and behavioral problems in students, as well as gifted evaluations;
  • consultation services with parents, teachers and staff to develop effective intervention strategies for students and families;
  • participation on Teacher Support Teams at schools to facilitate the development and implementation of the Framework for Student Success (Response to Intervention);
  • crisis intervention services;
  • acts as a liaison between the school and psychiatrist in the psychiatric consultation;
  • individual and group counseling;
  • functional behavioral assessment for the purpose of developing effective behavior intervention plans;
  • threat assessment for bona-fide threats; and
  • in-service training and staff development.

In conjunction with other school support personnel, school psychologists develop, implement and evaluate programs to impact areas such as:

  • social skills training
  • anger management
  • trauma and loss
  • motivation
  • study skills
School psychologists serve students pre-kindergarten through grade 12 in Charlotte County.

School Social Work Services

School social workers provide intervention services to meet the needs of students, families and school staff. All of the services provided by this team of professionals are coordinated with school staff and are specifically targeted for student success. Services include but are not limited to:

  • Attendance and truancy intervention
  • Classroom support services and character education
  • Short term individual and group counseling
  • Individualized support services for at risk students served in alternative programs
  • Community agency collaboration and referrals
  • Staff Consultation
  • Dropout prevention and retrieval activities
  • Assistance to homeless students and families, including housing, school registration, school supplies, food, clothing, etc.
  • Crisis intervention, including suicide risk assessments, bona fide threat assessments, and crisis response to traumatic events
  • Pre-disposition reports for students recommended for expulsion

Our Vision

Enhancing Student Success

Our Mission

To maximize opportunities for academic success by supporting and advocating for students and their families.

For more information contact:

Chantal Phillips
Director of Intervention and Dropout Prevention Services