Where is My Student's Bus Stop?

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The will allow you to find the stops within the school district established walking distances of your home for every school serving students near your residence. Parents should use the Bus Stop Locator. Enter your home address, select the school or schools you want to check, and click on "enter." The stops, bus numbers, and times will be displayed for your home. If no stop is listed, contact the Area Manager for your student's school.

McKinney-Vento Transportation Provision for Student in Homeless Situations

Changing schools greatly interferes with a student's academic and social development. To accomodate highly moblie students (those without permanent nightly residence) legislation was passed that requires local educational agencies to provide these students with transportation to and from their school of origin at the parent or guardian's request. For more information about students in transition, please visit our Homeless Education Project page.

Bus Stop Locator

Please Note:

  • If your residence is within two (2) miles of your assigned school, no school bus transportation is provided by the district.
  • Walking distance to a bus stop, by district policy, for an elementary student is 1 mile.
  • Walking distance to a bus stop, by district policy, for a secondary student is 1.5 miles.

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Do you have Comments or Questions?

If you have questions about bus stops, stop times, bus numbers, or lost items - please contact the area manager for your student's school.

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Name Transportation Area Phone Schools Served
Mark Clemons Englewood (941) 697-9550 Lemon Bay HS, L.A. Ainger MS, Myakka River, Vineland, The Academy
Erin Boas Murdock (941) 613-0907 Port Charlotte HS, Port Charlotte MS, Murdock MS, Kingsway, Liberty, Meadow Park, Neil Armstrong
Carol Pike Punta Gorda (941) 575-5432 Charlotte HS, Punta Gorda MS, Deep Creek, East, Peace River, Sallie Jones
Sandra Leek-Seiler ESE (941) 613-0907 Charlotte Harbor Center, Baker Center, other programs

If you have a concern regarding a safety issue, school bus operator, or other issues - please contact the Operations Manager or Assistant Opperations Manager.

Operations Manager
Lynda Faieta
(941) 613-0907
Assistant Operations Manager Englewood Area


If you have any further comments or questions, please contact the Transportation Director:

Transportation Director
Richard Duckworth
(941) 575-5432

School Bell Times

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High Schools 7:25 AM - 1:55 PM
Middle Schools 9:25 AM - 3:55 PM
Deep Creek
Meadow Park
Myakka River
Sallie Jones
8:35 AM - 2:35 PM
Neil Armstrong
Peace River
8:55 AM - 2:55 PM

Other Links & Information

Florida Statutes Covering Transportation
FS 1006.21 through FS 1006.27

Florida Administrative Code Covering Transportation
Rule Chapter 6A-3

Attendance Areas for the Schools
CCPS School Boundary Locator

School Bus

Charlotte County Public Schools Transportation Departments Mission is To ensure that each eligible Charlotte County Public Schools student is positive and ready to learn by providing safe, equitable, and on-time transportation services.

This mission is accomplished by the following methods:

  • Employment of highly professional and dedicated bus drivers, bus aides, maintenance staff, and office staff.
  • Superior pre-service and in-service employee training programs focused on improving and enhancing skills in the areas of defensive driving, student management, technology, and communications skills.
  • Routing and scheduling processes that ensure the safest and most efficient use of all resources.
  • An on-the-road safety program to monitor driver performance.
  • Preventative maintenance programs that ensure buses are inspected and maintained on a regular basis to provide for the highest level of mechanical safety
  • Management structure that supports the drivers, aides, and mechanics' performance at the highest levels of professionalism and safety possible.